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What is this app all about?

It’s really simple, we connect tutors and students on our platform to better education and improve unemployment. In a bit more detail:

  • A student posts a class request.
  • Tutors offer to teach the class.
  • The student accepts one of the tutors that made an offer.
  • Student pays the relevant rate.
  • A lesson is scheduled between the tutor and student.
  • You meet, you teach, you learn.
  • Everyone is happy.
Is the app really free?

Yes! and No! Downloading and using the Cognition.Online app is completely free, you will only pay for the lessons you book. The tutors unfortunately didnt buy into our hi5 policy!



How do we handle payments?

We make use of one of the largest and most reputable payment service providers in South Africa called PayU, they handle everything payment related. Cognition.Online never stores your credit card details nor are we aware of your details when making payments.

What you will experience is a redirect to the secure payment portal after confirming your tutor. Once correct payment details are entered, you will be redirected back to our app. The tutor in tern will be paid month end for their accumulative earnings.




My tutor never arrived, what now?

If your tutor was more unreliable than a Putco bus please drop us a line on and we will assist in whatever way we can, we are nice people!



Why are Cognition's tutors outstanding 80% of the time, every time?

Our tutors are all screened to ensure they are highly skilled individuals. Having achieved exceptional marks in the subject they are teaching or having extensive experience in the teaching profession, they are able to impart their knowledge to their student successfully.

What about that outlying 20% you may ask? Sometimes a tutor and student just don’t click, in that case request a new class and find the tutor thats just right for you.

I Can't find the subject I am looking for help with?

We are working to constantly expand our selection of subjects to meet the needs of our students. At the moment we offer a basic selection of subjects but should you require assistance with a subject we don’t offer, please drop us a mail at and let us see if we can help. Unless of course you are looking for origami lessons, then you are in the wrong place for now.

What If I am a parent with more than one child needing a tutor?

Well firstly you are a hero for managing more than one kid but in terms of our service we would suggest the following.

  • Download the app on each of the children’s phones and operate it from there.
  • Sign up on your phone and simply log out and sign up again for subsequent children.
What is my personal information used for?

Personal information is purely to optimise your experience and verify who you are. This information not to be shared without your permission so we are sorry if you were hoping to get some more spam mail. When a booking is confirmed however, tutors and students will be able to see each others contact details in order to make contact should there be any issues.

How long in advance should I request a class?

Well, how many offers from tutors would you like? The longer the period until the lesson, the more opportunity multiple tutors have to get back to you. We would suggest approximately a week, the absolute minimum allowed however is 2 hours before a lesson.

Why isn't my card working for payments?

We accept all cards enabled for internet payments. This would be all credit cards and an increasing amount of cheque and debit cards. Please let us know if your card normally works for online payments and with us it is giving issues.

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