Frequently asked questions

The way Cognition.Online works is pretty amazing and may seem like magic at times. This leads to quite a few questions from our users however. Below is a few of them answered for your convenience.

That is exactly what they do. Our tutors will come to you whether you have set the location for the lesson at your home, school grounds or even a coffee shop.

The beauty of our system is that you are able to set your own budget. The tutors are able to accept your proposed rate or if they feel they have to travel far etc. they may make an offer at a different rate. You can then choose between the various offers made by the tutors based on previous ratings and rate.

You definitely have a better chance at breaking into Fort Knox than stealing information from us. We outsource our payments to one of the best in the business and encrypt your password in a way even we can't get hold of it.

Ok, not a lot of people ask this question but this is only because most people obviously know it is the best. Ask any of our users and they can confirm this for you.