About Cognition.Online

This is an app-based platform on iOS and Android that revolutionises the tutoring industry overtaking any platform currently available.

Using Cognition.Online tutors and students are able to connect based on their location. From there onward Cognition.Online handles the rest so all you have to worry about is your schoolwork or tutoring the lesson.

Using an intuitive system, it takes a moment to request a lesson taking in all the necessary information. Tutors that meet our requirements are able to actively apply for these requested lessons. Based on previous ratings from other students and the tutors brief profile a student is able to select from the list of tutor applications. All that is left to do is securely pay via our app for the lesson and its sorted!

There is really no two ways about it, if you are looking for a tutor or are looking to be a tutor this is the platform for you.

A Student on Cognition.Online

We have tried our utmost best to keep the process of booking a tutor as simple as possible. In a few simple steps you are able to have a tutor at your door ready to teach. This is how you get started.

Step 1: Download and Sign-Up

Follow the link from our web page or search for us on your app store to download our app onto your phone. Once downloaded you will be required to go through a very quick sign up process giving us the vital information about the student as so we can ensure a personalized service.

Step 2: Requesting a Lesson

Once you are in the app we have made it really simple to request a class. Click the request class button and you are taken to a form where by the relevant information such as Subject, Grade, Time, Hourly rate you would like and location. Then you just hit the request button.

Step 3: Choosing your preferred tutor

More than one available tutor could offer to teach your requested lesson. In your “My Classes” page you can go into any pending lesson and view the current offers. Here you can compare tutors looking at their profile, rating and requested rate. Once you are happy with a tutor, simply go into the offer and click confirm and pay.

Step 4: Payment

You will be redirected to our super secure payment portal run by PayU where you will be required to pay for the lesson by entering your card details. This is a highly secure system and used by major companies across the country. If you have any issue with the lesson you can contact us and if deemed necessary we can reverse the payment.

Step 5: The Lesson

The tutor will be at your door at the start of the agreed upon time, or at least this is expected and through the rating system you can tell us otherwise if need be. The lesson then commences for the agreed period and tons of knowledge is transferred. Once this enlightenment of the student has occurred, one will be required to rate the tutor and give any feedback you feel is necessary.

Step 6: Rebooking Your Amazing Tutor

If you feel your tutor is the genius you were looking for, you are able to rebook the tutor by going to your activity page or “My lessons” history page. Here you can click on the past lesson, select the tutors image and click rebook. You will now enter the details of the next lesson and repeat the process.